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What is Merger and Acquisition financial model?

Merger and Acquisition model is one of the most popular financial models that is usually used before and during mergers and acquisitions by merging the financial statements of the acquiring company and the acquired company to create consolidated financial statements.

What is Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) financial model?

Discounted Cash Flow is a valuation method used by investors to work out the value of an investment which can be either money, assets, companies, etc. based on its future cash flows. Discounted Cash Flow model is one of the most popular financial models that is widely used by business owners and investors.

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What is Marketing Plan?

A complete marketing plan will help find the ideal customer and determine the best marketing strategy. From there can attract potential customers with the lowest cost.

Learning how to make a marketing plan can make you a marketing expert or make sales more efficient. In this article, you will learn how to set up an effective marketing plan to attract customers. Especially creating customer loyalty with your brand, helping to stabilize revenue and grow steadily.

What is Business Plan?

People often start their own business with new, unique and most importantly, highly viable business ideas. However, in order to realize a business idea, it is necessary to have a methodical business plan. A structured, highly actionable business plan will help take your business to the next level and unleash your creativity without worrying about straying from your original core goals and focus – the reason you started a business.

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