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David Tran – Software Architect, Entrepreneur, Enterprise Strategy Manager, Business Digital Transformation Specialist.


David Tran’s mission is to help small and medium enterprises (SMEs) around the world transform their business digitally in fast and efficient way based on breakthrough technology achievements and best business digital transformation practices.


David Tran is passionate about building and growing businesses based on information technology achievements and proven advanced business development, management theory to create high-growth, efficient businesses. He is also an experienced software architect who has been writing code and developing software for more than 20 years ago so far.

Originally from Vietnam, He studied marine navigation in Vietnam Maritime University and worked as deck officer onboard super large merchant vessels that crusing around the world. During his time at sea, he began to learn programming and wrote his first lines of code in Visual Basic language to serve his daily work. He hates doing routine and repetitive tasks that could be done by computers.

He is currently:

In 2006, he got ashore and started working as a salesman for a multinational company in shipbuilding industry. In just two years, he was promoted to Sales Manager, then Country Sales Manager who managed hundred sales staff in Vietnam for his international company.

Starting from 2009, he worked as a project manager for shipbuilding projects in a large shipbulding corporation in Vietnam before holding the position of Deputy Director of Business Development Unit in 2010.

Also in 2009, he, accompanied by his wife Jane Nguyen (who is currently CCO of Viindoo), also started his own business T.V.T Marine Co., Ltd (aka TVT) that was specilized in locating, distributing and supplying of automation systems for marine and offshore industry. Right at the time of founding the company, the first thing he thought about was to find and implement an ERP software to serve the digitization of the entire business operation as well as help him plan resources. He found OpenERP, which was an open-sourced business management software and was renamed into Odoo in 2014. He decided to give it a try and successfully implemented it for TVT in 2011 with the help of his IT consultant, Mr. Leo Tran, who is currently CTO of Viindoo.

In 2012, he founded TVTMA that was specilized in designing and developing business magement software based on OpenERP framework. He was the Chief Architect of the ERPOnline project which was a cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service) platform that was established in May 2013 to deliver his business management software to the customers with subscription model.

In 2014, he stopped TVT to get his hands free for full time on developing TVTMA to bring his ERPOnline to all sizes businesses in Vietnam and a few in the world.

At the end of 2017, David Tran met Johnson Vu, who is also an entrepreneur owning a similar business in supplying business management software to SMEs in Vietnam. After several collaborations on business development consulting and ERP implementation deals, Johnson and He came up with a big idea, re-developing their solutions from scratch aimed at small and medium-sized businesses worldwide to help them grow fast while keep everything under control. And with that, Viindoo was born in Dec 2019.

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